Who We Are

Head Olympic Lifting Instructor:

Pablo Roman

-USA Weightlifting Level 1 Certified

-Degree in Sports Science from University of Havana

-Former Cuban National Champion

Pablo Roman is the Olympic lifting instructor of CrossFit Muscle Farm. A four-time Cuban National Champion and World Championship finalist, he has over twenty years of experience in the craft.

Pablo has gained a unique understanding of Olympic lifting while competing in numerous national and international competitions. With this valuable perspective on the sport, he now dedicates his life to educating others in the techniques of Olympic lifting, and the ways in which it benefits everyday life.

CrossFit Instructors:

Yandy Roman

-Attended CF Level 1 Cert

-USA Weightlifting Level 1 Certified

Yandy is the son of Pablo  Roman (Oly Lifting Coach at CFMF). Yandy was introduced to fitness at the age of 9 years old. Under the guidance of his father over the years he has kept himself in shape and active. He has received rigorous training in Olympic Style Weightlifting and that has caused him to acquire very good technique in the Olympic Lifts.  Being introduced to CrossFit at the age of 25. Yandy has dedicated his life to teaching others about CrossFit and healthy lifestyle.


Socrates Christoforou

-Attended CF Level 1 Cert

-NSCA Trainer Certified

Socrates is a former Sargent for the United States Marine Corp. He dedicated his career in the Marines to Assault Climbing. His time in the Marines included a trip to Afghanistan in which he spent 8 months fighting in the war against terrorism. When Socrates returned home he focused mainly in Fitness to put his past behind him. He acquired the NSCA trainer certificate and began working as a Trainer at Bally Total Fitness. Years after he has found CrossFit and quickly fell in love with it. CrossFit has reminded him of his time in the Marines and the training received there.  Now Socrates dedicates his life to teaching other about CrossFit and healthy lifestyle.


Chad Neuburger

-Attended CF Level 1 Cert

-Former College Football Player at University of Connecticut

Chad is a former College Football player at the University of Connecticut. After his retirement from Football he was looking for a challenge and found CrossFit. Over the last 5 years Chad has been doing CrossFit. He is constantly reminded of the training he did in College. Using CrossFit as a way to recover from his old Football injuries he now dedicates his life to teaching other about CrossFit and healthy lifestyles.


Danny Garland

-Attended CF Level 1 Cert

-Former Collegiate All American Wrestler

Danny was a former College All-American Wrestler. Danny has always maintained a healthy and active lifestyle. He has always used his excellent nutrition background in College as a tool for his life. Immoderately after College he started implementing bodybuilding style workouts to his routine and did that for most of his life. He now has discovered CrossFit and much like his counterparts has fallen in love with it. Danny does CrossFit full time and dedicates his life to teaching others about CrossFit and healthy lifestyles.